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Scalable Solutions

The Reese Data Center provides secure colocation space with redundant bandwidth, electrical, and cooling systems. The secure facility is part of the Reese Technology Center.

  • Secure Partial Cabinet Space

    Our Secure Partial Cabinet Space is perfect for clients that do not have the need for a full cabinet, or plan to grow to a larger cabinet or cage in the future. The custom space provides the same security as our larger cabinets.
  • Secure Full Cabinet Colocation

    Our Secure Full Cabinets offer the security, flexibility, and convenience that your business demands. We provide 42U cabinets made by APC. The cabinets are lockable with 24X7 access.
  • Secure Caged Colocation Floor Space

    For the ultimate in flexibility and scalability, we can provide your business with virtually any cage configuration that your business demands. Our Secure Caged Colocation space can fill the need for virtually any size data center. Full unescorted access to the facility 24/7/365 for your entire technology team.